2012-05-10 15:03:03 continues its growth as Aleva Stores adds McDavid to its inventory.

McDavid’s roots trace back to 1969 when Dr. Robert F. McDavid designed and developed what was to become the first widely used lateral...

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jobst_logo.jpgJobst compression hosiery suits all the needs for those suffering from tired and aching legs. Since 1950 Jobst's aim was to deliver quality products to all genders, shapes, and sizes. Whether tall or petite, small or large frame, there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. For those seeking comfort for their legs, you can always count on the number one physician-recommended brand in compression stockings, Jobst. You can find all Jobst products at




sigvaris logo.gifFounded in Switzerland, Sigvaris is committed to developing  and distributing premium quality products to provide new life  for legs for people suffering from the various forms of chronic  venous disease. With focus on the development, production,  and distribution of medical compression garments, Sigvaris'  vision is to be a leader in the area of compression therapy for  the management of venous and lymphatic disorders. You can  purchase Sigvaris products at





medi_wbw_pc.jpg Medi recognizes medical problems don't just affect a life, but a lifestyle. Medi wants  their consumers to feel better in their body and spirit, as they begin treatment. Medi  wants to help you continue the activities you love even after your treatment begins. By  offering a wide range of quality products through Mediven Compression, Medi  Orthopedics, and Medi Prosthetics divisions, they allow patients to continue their  lifestyle. Medi's promise is to continue growing and lead the way in medical  innovation. You can purchase Medi products at




smartwool logo.jpegFounded by ski instructors trying to keep their feet warm in New England, SmartWool found a way to bring total comfort and warmth to feet by using an age-old classic material, wool. After proving to the skeptics these wool socks wouldn't itch, SmartWool quickly became the go-to sock for keeping warm on the slopes. In 2004, SmartWool launched its everyday-use lifestyle line, satisfying the needs of runners, walkers, cyclists, hikers and more. You can purchase SmartWool products at





Juzo freedom in motion Logosml.jpgJuzo believes medical garments shouldn't hinder a person's lifestyle. The idea is the medical garment should be so comfortable and fashionable, you'll forget you're even wearing it. In fact, since 1912, Juzo has been a pioneer in innovation when it comes to designing a more comfortable garment. Juzo's two-way stretch materials and wide variety  of styles in fashion colors enables you to maintain and even enhance your lifestyle. You can purchase Juzo products at




FLA ortho logo.gifFLA Orthopedics offers one of the most innovative and complete product lines around. FLA always uses premium materials such as: mircodenier fibers, Lycra spandex, and latex-free elastics. By combining modern materials with proven designs, FLA has created a tour-de-force in ultimate form and comfort. You can purchase FLA products at