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For Your Legs

Whether you suffer from diabetes, mild swelling, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, or Lymphedema, find everything you need to keep your legs and feet healthy at

Socks Addict

Just say no to the uninspiring six packs and run-of-the-mill knee highs you’ll find at your local mega-mart. Demand space age engineering and the highest quality materials so you can count on superior comfort and fit. Trust us, we’re Soxperts!


Pike to Peak

We want everyone to embrace the outdoors. Whether your adventures take you a mile from home or half-way across the planet, Pike to Peak has the gear and apparel you need to find your way.

Bib & Tucker

We stock wet shaving and personal care products as classic as a dry martini and as manly as your beard. Things your grandfather would respect. Nothing trendy or flashy here, only the finest grooming essentials.


Retail Bloom

Retail Bloom provides comprehensive pre-launch product, identity and channel analysis, life-cycle marketplace strategy and launch guidance followed by long term support to evolving eCommerce brands.

Doc Ortho

Get the support you need at Doc Ortho! Doc Ortho sells adult and pediatric braces and supports for a wide range of injuries and conditions.


Diabetic Sock Shop

Don’t let diabetes control your life! Diabetic Sock Shop stocks high quality diabetic socks that help your condition and lifestyle. Shop by style, gender or brand to find exactly what you are looking for!

Healthy Legs

Your one stop shop for compression, braces, supports, foot health, skin care, and overall leg health.



VendaMedical designs, manufactures and distributes high quality orthopedic and lymphatic care products for a range of occupations and lifestyles.